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Rachz' Personal Tea Party

The Kiss ♥ The Kill ♥ The Poetry ♥ The Freeway

Rachz likes to burn things...
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Kay, so I'm Rachz, a possibly deranged, tea addicted English loon, with hair that not even Naboo's miracle wax could tame. You'll catch me floating about, listening to music hardly anyone outside of the internet's ever heard of, and making art. C'est ma passion! I'm sixteen, and live in a hut in the outback of Northamptonshire.

I like fanning over things, messing about with my hair when I'm on my own, singing loudly. Oh, and talking properly when I'm surrounded by people who don't. It makes me feel good. Haha. Oh, and talking to myself - I find I make the best company.

It has been said that I don't sleep. After about 3am my grammar goes a little bit dodgy, and I seem to get my capslock key stuck. After about 5am, I start drawing Walrusses on sticky notes and labelling their testes.

Often when I read books, I steal words from them, and throw them into conversation. So you might be a malenky bit poogly when I start talking about things being double-plus ungood. Also, I'm bringing back words like 'shindig' and 'tally ho'!

I have an IQ of 156, but the common sense of a four year old with a penchant for ignoring the 'stranger danger' philosophy! =)

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Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

-- Dr. Seuss<3
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